Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Mitten Clips and Pacifier Clips....

Well... after doing some creative thinking and meeting with my amazingly talented marketing friend, I decided to venture into make pacifier and mitten clips. A few reasons- 1. My friend Cara told me the other day that she waited almost 2 months for target to stock the pacifier clip she was waiting for... 2. My kid cannot and I repeat CANNOT function without her pacy- so we need to know where it is at all times to avoid a meltdown of epic proportions....3. I am sorry but when we were kids didn't it seem as though everyone had their mittens clipped onto their jacket? Now- I have searched every where and cannot find mitten clips.... am I missing something here? Were they not one of the greatest inventions for mom's who are tired of constantly being one mitten short when you are running through the snow- pushing both kids in the stroller out to the car after being at the mall, and the whole time your three year old is telling you "my hand is cold" and you are thinking "well maybe if you hadnt lost your damn mitten it wouldnt be!"..... well for all you out there nodding your head to the previous statement- I am bringing mitten clips back... :)
*** Check back later for picts and more info.... I am currently in the creative process...****

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