Sunday, February 28, 2010

Run Run Run....

Fresh off a run.... I meant literaraily.... I am sweating and the songs of the Glee soundtrack are still running through my head (Yes- I listen to Glee songs when I run- it gets me going- don't judge!) :) I have really grown to enjoy running- which is crazy to come- coming from the former captain of the track team (sprinter) who used to lie about how long we had run for so we could be done sooner- sorry coach Just! :)
Anyways... Still in fort myers... Glen threw to live batters today (which went well) and I went to the outlets- :) oopps! :) We are off to a double date tonight with some friends for some sushi and kid-free time. Love it!
On another note... Cakes & Beans recently sent a gift to Halle Berry for her little girl- Nahla's 2nd birthday... will post picts when I get back to MN (where I hear it is 40 degrees today- heat wave!)
Oh and one more thing... big shout out to my Dad's Hockey team- the Lakeville South Cougars who will be playing to the Lakeville North Panthers next Friday to go to State... and for those of you who are not familiar with hockey in the state of MN- the MN state boys hockey tournament is the single most watched high school sports tournament in the US!!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Spring Training and BIG NEWS!!

Well well well... here I am in FL now- enjoying this semi nice weather. I have to admit this has been a great spring training so far... I met an amazing new friend... have been able to run outside- and every day after I run while the kids and my husband nap- I get to lay out by the pool and read- how great is that?? :)
Anyways- I am really excited about this spring training as well because I just received an email from the Pioneer Press telling me that Cakes & Beans has been chosen to be featured in the "Open for Business" article of the Business section of the paper on April 11th. When I submitted the woman told me they were at least 8 weeks out and receive tons of applicants all the time- so I am pretty pumped to be chosen!! There will be a Q & A- and they are sending a photographer to come out and take picts of me doing my thing- how crazy! Guess Glen won't be the only famous one at our house!! :) Yeah Cakes & Beans!! Stay Tuned....

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mathew McConaughy baby girl!!

Cakes & Beans recently gifted Mathew McConaughy, Camila Alvesm and their new baby girl Vida with a Texas Longhorns Tutu, barrette, and pacy clip.... Vida's daddy's favorite team!! Check it out....
Baby Vida's Presents!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

back yet again....

Back by popular demand.... well -not really :) but one of my friends is begging me to blog again, and being as though she is only in MN a few more days- just for her I am going to make a concerted effort.... :) love you kim!!

Also- I am partipating in Friday Follow- I do not know much about it- but I am hoping to get out there to more people - so hear goes nothing! :)

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