Friday, February 26, 2010

Spring Training and BIG NEWS!!

Well well well... here I am in FL now- enjoying this semi nice weather. I have to admit this has been a great spring training so far... I met an amazing new friend... have been able to run outside- and every day after I run while the kids and my husband nap- I get to lay out by the pool and read- how great is that?? :)
Anyways- I am really excited about this spring training as well because I just received an email from the Pioneer Press telling me that Cakes & Beans has been chosen to be featured in the "Open for Business" article of the Business section of the paper on April 11th. When I submitted the woman told me they were at least 8 weeks out and receive tons of applicants all the time- so I am pretty pumped to be chosen!! There will be a Q & A- and they are sending a photographer to come out and take picts of me doing my thing- how crazy! Guess Glen won't be the only famous one at our house!! :) Yeah Cakes & Beans!! Stay Tuned....


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