Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Calling all moms... I am currently working on a Momma's jewelry item- coming out the first week of April... but I want to create other things for moms but I need some ideas..... All you momma's out there.... what do you want, need, wish you had, always loved?????? I am thinking something clothing related, jewelry, or a baby item!!! Help!!


  1. T-shirt, hoodie or earrings...Mother's day is coming

  2. Ah, jewelry - can't go wrong w/some sort of "Mama" or "Grandma" jewelry - right now, I'm lovin' the thin silver bangles w/birthstone & charms for ea child, etc. Also Chunky pendants w/family oriented themes such as Family trees, 'stick people families', baby feet, etc.

  3. Supercute girlie T's and I have to agree with any kind of jewelry that can be personalized.